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At-Home Eyebrow Waxing Aftercare Tips - Huntsville Nails and Spa in Ontario

Aftercare for brow waxing is the best way to ensure that your appointment is worthwhile. The beautiful brows you just shaped will last longer, and your complexion will be healthier as a result. Keep in mind that we're dealing with delicate skin on your face, and any sort of waxing causes some skin trauma.

Here are some tips to keep in mind about at-home waxing aftercare. Be sure to get them done right after you get back from Huntsville Nails and Spa or get waxing from any nail salon or spa in Huntsville, Ontario (or maybe somewhere else out there).

5 at-home eyebrow waxing aftercare suggestions in general

  • Do not frequently touch your brow! The bacteria from your fingers may expose the waxing region, which leads to blocked pores and increases the likelihood of outbreaks or illness. Just let it heal on its own.

  • Avoid tweezing in between your treatments! This is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Instead of keeping the form neat, you may completely wreck it, erasing the growth you worked so hard to obtain and complicating your brow technician's job.

  • Don't be worried if you opted to have your brows coloured and they appear too dark. The depth of the hue will lessen faster than you anticipate. So don't be extremely worried about that, just relax and follow these brow waxing aftercare instructions (that we will refer to shortly below) as usual.

  • Call your esthetician if you experience unexpected reactions such as persistent irritation or redness, itching, swelling, or burning. They will most likely offer remedies based on the features of your symptoms.

  • You must have heard a lot about using aloe vera during at-home waxing aftercare to soothe the skin, right? And yeah, we will say the same! You could use aloe vera gel to freshen and soothe the region at home. Apply it whenever your skin becomes sensitive for immediate relief.

Be aware of your skincare routine during a brow waxing

There may be one or more exfoliating treatments in your daily routine. However, you have to stop using them for at least three days before or after the consultation! Acne treatment products containing salicylic acids or other exfoliating chemicals are also featured.

If you are on acne medication, you should not even consider waxing! Seek consultation from your doctor before discontinuing drugs in case you still want to get your eyebrows waxed. If you ignore it, your skin will lift, graze, tear, and bruise more easily, causing injury and possibly leaving scars.

Avoid using retinoid-containing treatments for at least one week before and after the procedure. You can then continue to use it normally in your at-home waxing aftercare.

No facial cleansers on your waxed eyebrows in the next 24 hours after the procedure! If necessary, you can use ones that are formulated for sensitive skin only.

No makeup on brows in the next 24 hours after waxing

Avoid wearing makeup on your brows for at least 24 hours after waxing. No brow gels, pencils, or shadow.

The skin above and below the brow must also be makeup-free, so avoid using foundation or other skin makeup on the waxed area. This is to prepare for any possible overreaction or breakouts.

Protect your skin from sunlight

Do not expose yourself to sunlight before or after the appointment. This might cause sunburn and discoloration of the affected area. Your brow waxing aftercare process may become difficult and not be at its best. So, if you're getting eyebrows waxing in Huntsville Ontario, any nail salon or spa (including Huntsville Nails & Spa) will remind you of this for the best waxing effect constantly.

Sunbeds, saunas, and even spray tans should be avoided. Sunbeds and saunas enhance the warmth of your skin, making it more sensitive and opening your pores. Allow your skin to rest for at least 48 hours.

Avoid going to the pool or the beach at all costs! After waxing, the sensitive skin on the brows can be irritated by chlorinated or salty water.

You believe that self-tanners are a good idea since they keep you out of the sun, but they're not. Avoid using this type of product three days after waxing - and even before. You can use a self-tanner once the three-day period is through, but if you had your brows tinted, protect the brow area and the hairline to avoid discolouration.

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